silicon-wafer-rainbow_220Our processor IP Cores are designed to assist you in constructing the lowest cost, lowest power solution to your high performance signal processing task. They are designed to complement a standard embedded processor, such that some tasks may continue to run on the standard processor while other more compute intensive DSP tasks can be run on the AptCore processor. The result is a higher performance, lower cost, lower power solution to the signal processing requirements of your system.

Software Library

AptCore provides a software library that gives easy access to the Core’s processing capability and enables rapid development of your application. There is no necessity for software engineers to understand the core’s internal architecture to benefit from its performance, since the functionality of the Core is accessed by AptCore API calls. This approach benefits productivity because the software engineers are working with familiar tools in a familiar environment.

Power and Performance

Use of our technology will bring the power, performance and unit cost advantages of an ASIC together with the accessibility and flexibility of a software programmable device. Keeping the algorithm defined in software reduces your time to market and enables updates through the product life cycle.