sunrise-wafer_220Processor Cores

AptCore provides processor cores for use in ASICs and FPGAs, to enhance the efficiency, performance and flexibility of many signal processing applications. Our extensive knowledge of low power parallel processing techniques enables us to provide highly configurable and fully software programmable cores that can achieve the highest performance and efficiency for the target application. Full Programmability opens up opportunities to use the Core as a common platform across a range of products or product variations, lowering your development costs and reducing your time to market. Our optimised architectures and data transfer fabric ensure you have the smallest footprint, lowest cost and most efficient solution available.


ist1_3944711-digital-backgroundACR1 Radar Processor Cores

The AptCore ACR1 cores are Digital Signal Processor Units optimised for radar applications. Using an ACR1 processor core reduces the size, power consumption and cost of the radar system. The architecture is fully scalable, making it a highly efficient solution whatever the performance requirement. Typical applications include automotive collision avoidance, traffic monitoring and multibeam security. For more details on our radar processor cores, please CLICK HERE.


ist1_7901759-circuit-globeACP1 Optical Pixel Processor Cores

The AptCore ACP1 cores are optimised for optical pixel based processing techniques including Harris corner Detect, Canny Edge Detect, Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG), Dense Optical Flow and many others. The core may be controlled via a standard RISC processor, and comes with a set of library functions ensuring it is straightforward to use. The ACP1 processor provides the ultimate in performance and efficiency for machine vision applications. For more details please CLICK HERE.


ist1_7901759-circuit-globeACL1 Sparse Optical Flow Processor Cores

The AptCore ACL1 Optical Flow processor is designed to be the optimum processing solution for sparse optical flow techniques. It is highly configurable and scalable for the performance you require. Architected to support a range of usage scenarios, the ACL1 core represents the most flexible and efficient way to achieve your optical processing performance target. For more details please CLICK HERE.


High Performance FFT Cores

AptCore provide a range of optimised FFT cores, suitable for applications requiring direct streaming of data and for those requiring DMA from shared memory. For more information please CONTACT US.