FPGA Design

AptCore engineers have many years of experience with FPGA projects. Previous projects have ranged from small efficient DSP functions through to highly parallel multicore image processing systems. We have experience in secure cryptographic systems, automotive collision avoidance, and high integrity military systems, along with various commercial applications. We can provide the necessary design resource throughout the design process including:


  • Specification and architecture
  • Hardware / software partitioning and device partitioning
  • RTL capture
  • Testbenches
  • Verification and validation
  • Place and route
  • Device and board bringup
  • Project management

We are able to provide assistance on specific tasks, or a complete service providing a design that is fully verified and tested at board level.

Our staff have experience of working in safety critical and high integrity design flows (ISO26262, DO254)

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System Level Solutions – Xilinx Zynq

FPGAs that incorporate embedded processors can provide a highly effective solution for many applications, but using them effectively can sometimes be difficult. AptCore has many man-years worth of experience in implementing system level solutions using FPGAs that include embedded RISC processors such as Xilinx Zynq devices. Our software expertise combined with FPGA ability ensures that we can provide optimal solutions for customers using these devices. If you are considering use of these devices in your design, please contact us for more information on how we can help.