AptCore – Efficient Processor Cores

AptCore provides optimised processor cores for silicon integrated circuits and FPGAs. AptCore’s innovative designs and expertise greatly improve performance whilst lowering cost and power consumption for demanding Digital Signal Processing applications. Our IP cores are efficient and easy to integrate, whilst having full programmability, giving them the flexibility to serve as a common platform.

Silicon IP Cores

AptCore uses low power, parallel processing techniques to provide highly configurable, software programmable cores that achieve the ultimate performance and power efficiency. Utilising extensive experience of many DSP applications and deep knowledge of parallel processing architectures and techniques, AptCore’s IP cores and software libraries bring benefits to many applications. By providing libraries, reference designs and validation data to accompany our cores, we provide a complete solution that is straightforward to use, enabling rapid design. Read more….

Technology and Applications

Our designs benefit from extensive experience in a number of fields including automotive collision avoidance, security and traffic monitoring. AptCore’s  technology spans many application areas, and our IP Cores and software can be used effectively in many fields.  Read more….

Design Services

AptCore provides design services and consultancy for Integrated Circuit and FPGA design projects, enabling us to tailor solutions to your requirements. From specification and design work through to verification, testing and project management, we provide a range of services targeted across a number of application areas. Read more….