AptCore Demonstrate its Beam Steering Radar as Part of Sapient Programme

AptCore have successfully demonstrated their beam steering radar as part of DSTL’s SAPIENT project. The SAPIENT system includes autonomous sensor modules from several suppliers, and a central controller. The system integration and project management was lead by QinetiQ who also supplied the PTZ camera for the system.

The AptCore radar Autonomous Sensor Module utilises ACR102 processor cores, which are able to provide the performance necessary for reliable, accurate detection and object classification. AptCore Technical Director Tim Styles said ‘The SAPIENT system provides a great demonstration of the capability of AptCore’s radar processing technology. The combination of efficiency and flexibility makes the ACR processor ideal for an adaptive system such as this.’

Fro more information on the Sapient project see https://www.gov.uk/government/news/plug-and-play-autonomous-sensors

AptCore have released a new processor core optimised for optical flow operations. The new core is targeted towards image processing and machine vision, and possesses design features that will particularly suit automotive usage. Utilising AptCore’s unique processor architecture and data access structure, the core can achieve close to 100% efficiency for Lucas-Kanade optical flow, a technique commonly used in machine vision applications. Download full release

24th September 2015 – AptCore successfully demonstrated an autonomous sensing unit utilising a newly developed MIMO radar front end combined with an ACR102 processor. The unit is able to reliably track and identify objects within its field of view and autonomously adjust its transmit beam-shape and power to optimise for the ambient conditions. The system takes account of background clutter, noise, obscuration, and the high level tasking information received. The system will then identify objects of interest in its field of view from the returned signal, reporting their track information, object type, speed and behaviour.
The unit could be used as part of a wide area security system, offering a useful addition to complement existing systems, able to alert operators when camera systems struggle due to poor visibility.
AptCore plan to release the radar front end coupled with an ACR102 processor as an intelligent radar product in Q1 2016.

AptCore have released a new processor core optimised for pixel based operations. The core targets image processing and machine vision, and possesses design features that will particularly suit automotive usage. Utilising AptCore’s unique processor architecture and data access structure, the core can achieve close to 100% efficiency for its target applications, including Harris Corner Detect, Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) and Canny Edge Detect.
The ACP processor is software programmable and can be controlled by a standard RISC processor. AptCore provide a library of functions that can be called from a host processor ensuring that the core is straightforward to use. Download full release.

16 June 2014 – AptCore successfully demonstrated a radar based security system using its ACR1 processor architecture implemented on an FPGA. The system utilises a 24GHz Radar front end, together with an ARM processor and AptCore ACR102 core implemented on a Xilinx Zynq 7020 device.

The radar system was able to accurately determine range, direction, velocity and object type for multiple objects in a 100m radius. The system used for testing was powered by batteries, but the power consumption is low enough to be powered by a small solar panel, which means that when combined with the on-board 3G communication capability, it lends itself well to providing autonomous security for areas where it is difficult to provide mains power and wired communication.

‘This provides a really good demonstration of our ACR1 radar processor architecture’  said Tim Styles, Director of Technology, ‘It shows the core design is so efficient it can provide enough processing performance even at a low clock rate. This enables us to achieve the level of power efficiency needed for completely wire free operation in the field.’

The demonstration proves the value of the ACR1 core architecture for this type of application, but AptCore also intends to license the entire design of the radar security unit to manufacturing partners.

AptCore has won funding from the Technology Strategy Board to demonstrate a solar powered traffic monitor unit using its ground-breaking ACR101 DSP core. The  ACR101 core is ideally suited to traffic monitor applications, providing ultimate power efficiency for radar processing.

AptCore has successfully conducted live testing of its ACR102 processor core in an automotive collision avoidance application. A series of tests were conducted at MIRA’s UK test circuit, with a range of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

An FMCW radar collision avoidance system, utilising AptCore’s low power ACR102 processor core, was installed in a test vehicle. A range of scenarios were tested, including motorway cruise control and low speed urban scenarios. In all cases the system was seen to perform well, providing clear information on the potential hazards.

This marks Completion of AptCore’s ACR102 core, which is specifically tailored for collision avoidance and similar radar applications.