AptCore Demonstrate its Beam Steering Radar as Part of Sapient Programme

Dec 19, 2015

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AptCore have successfully demonstrated their beam steering radar as part of DSTL’s SAPIENT project. The SAPIENT system includes autonomous sensor modules from several suppliers, and a central controller. The system integration and project management was lead by QinetiQ who also supplied the PTZ camera for the system.

The AptCore radar Autonomous Sensor Module utilises ACR102 processor cores, which are able to provide the performance necessary for reliable, accurate detection and object classification. AptCore Technical Director Tim Styles said ‘The SAPIENT system provides a great demonstration of the capability of AptCore’s radar processing technology. The combination of efficiency and flexibility makes the ACR processor ideal for an adaptive system such as this.’

Fro more information on the Sapient project see https://www.gov.uk/government/news/plug-and-play-autonomous-sensors