AptCore Demonstrate ACR102 with Beam Steering Radar

Sep 24, 2015

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24th September 2015 – AptCore successfully demonstrated an autonomous sensing unit utilising a newly developed MIMO radar front end combined with an ACR102 processor. The unit is able to reliably track and identify objects within its field of view and autonomously adjust its transmit beam-shape and power to optimise for the ambient conditions. The system takes account of background clutter, noise, obscuration, and the high level tasking information received. The system will then identify objects of interest in its field of view from the returned signal, reporting their track information, object type, speed and behaviour.
The unit could be used as part of a wide area security system, offering a useful addition to complement existing systems, able to alert operators when camera systems struggle due to poor visibility.
AptCore plan to release the radar front end coupled with an ACR102 processor as an intelligent radar product in Q1 2016.